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Sample Technology Goals and Strategies
Appendix 3

Adapted courtesy of Virginia Department of Education

Goal 1:  To integrate voice, video and data networks capable of providing communications at the school, division, and national levels.
  1. Conduct a survey to determine the status of network capabilities for each school division.
  2. Develop and distribute guidelines (standards) for building-wide networking to support voice, video, and data.
  3. Collaborate with agencies and institutions responsible for design and implementation of statewide and national infrastructure to assure compatibility and connections to all schools (e.g., Title III participation).
Goal 2: To improve teacher and student access to technological resources in classrooms and other learning centers through equitable distribution of grants, equipment, software, and technical assistance.
  1. Provide a network-ready multimedia microcomputer in K-12 classrooms.
  2. Provide for network-ready microcomputers for classrooms to help schools achieve a 5:1 student to microcomputer ratio.
  3. Encourage pilot projects to permit students to check out microcomputers for home use.
  4. Explore and provide suitable assistive devices for special needs students.
Goal 3: Establish extensive training programs and appropriate incentives for teachers to enhance teaching and learning through the use of educational technologies.
  1. Establish guidelines and specifications for teacher training.
  2. Offer incentives for each educator who completes five graduate-level hours of staff development toward recertification or endorsements.
  3. Expand employment of technology specialists and recommend changes in existing regulations or the creation of new endorsement provisions for professionals in educational technology.
  4. Use the recent work of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) to define teacher competencies in areas of instructional technology.
Goal 4: Educators and administrators will have access to technologies that provide for the maintenance, reporting, and analysis of student and administrative data.
  1. Adopt a comprehensive, standardized software package to support student and administrative data management, analysis, and reporting.
  2. Study future incorporation of a classroom management system to interface with other administrative software.
Goal 5: A system of ongoing evaluation will be established for assessment of technology applications, teacher preparation, and training.
  1. Develop tools and a consistent process of data collection that can be used to assess progress in implementing the recommendations of this plan.
  2. Publish biennial reports showing the assessment of annual data on technology initiatives.

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