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NCES, PSS and FSCS Codes for New York Schools and Libraries
The Block 4 discount rate worksheet of the new Form 471 for FY 2005 will require NCES Codes (or the equivalent for libraries and private schools) in addition to the regular SLD Entity Numbers. The return to NCES Codes, last used in FY 1999, is the result of a request by the U.S. Department of Education, which is now reviewing E-rate forms.

NCES Codes for most entities - public schools, public districts, private schools (PSS Codes), and public libraries (FSCS Codes) - can be found by searching the NCES Web site (see the Online Data section at NCES Site Index). NCES Code lists for New York State applicants can also be displayed, or downloaded in Excel format, via the search utility provided below. The resulting analysis will be based on data made available as of October 10, 2004 on the NCES web site for the 2002-2003 year. New or recently assigned NCES Codes may have to be obtained from the State Education Department.

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