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New York State E-Rate Resources


EPC Account Administrators for New York Applicants


Remote Learning Annexes Spreadsheet


 NYSED Weekly for October 11, 2018 Re. Category 2 E-Rate Funding Opportunities


Direct Certification and the Community Eligibility Provision


OGS State Forms 470

In order to apply for discounted services under the Universal Service Fund (or "E-rate"), schools and libraries must demonstrate that the pre-discount prices/rates were arrived at through a competitive bid process. Many of the contracts established by the Office of General Services meet this requirement. Other contracts which were negotiated directly with manufacturers offer competitive pricing and include guidelines for contract users to negotiate best and final pricing when making larger purchases. [ Continue ]


Sample Income Survey Letter 2024-2025

Contains Updated Income Eligibility Guidelines for Funding Year from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025


NYSED "Valid" File for FY 2024 (Ver. 2a)


NYSED School E-rate Entity Validation Requirements


Schedule for Reporting Offsetting Revenues

From E-rate discount program related to expense based state aid formulas [ Continue ]


Draft Vendor Selection Letter For Planned E-Rate Purchase Under a New York State OGS Contract

The purpose of this type of letter is to document an E-rate applicant’s agreement to purchase eligible products and services under a New York State Office of General Services (“OGS”) contract for the following funding year. [ Continue ]


New York State Service Provider Information

General information addressing Block 4 acknowledgement procedures and Service Provider Identification Numbers. [ Continue ]


Draft Vendor Contract Letter For Planned E-Rate Purchase

The purpose of this letter is to create an E-rate applicant’s contractual agreement to purchase eligible products and services for the following funding year based on the acceptance of the attached specifications and price quotations (in lieu of a more formal integrated contract). [ Continue ]


New York State School E-rate Accounting

For discounts and rebates received by school districts and BOCES under the Universal Services Telecommunications Discount Program for Schools and Libraries (E-rate Discount Program) [ Continue ]


New York State BOCES School Listing

Contains Entity Number, BEDS Code, Address and contact information when available. [ Continue ]